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PRISCUS FINANCE and ASSITHÈQUE signed a partnership agreement

With effect from 23 January 2024 the two companies will co-operate in the field of mergers & acquisitions predominantly in the Swiss insurance market but also in other geographical areas. Since 2004, PRISCUS FINANCE has been active as an independent financial advisory firm specialising in mergers and acquisitions. PRISCUS FINANCE assists institutional investors, private or family businesses, entrepreneurs and investment funds with their strategic and capital intensive projects. ASSITHÈQUE is an insurance boutique founded in 2009 providing services and solutions to Life and Non-Life insurance and reinsurance, intermediaries and third party administrators. Contacts   PRISCUS FINANCE et ASSITHÈQUE ont signé un accord the partenariat.   A effet du 23 Janvier 2024 les deux compagnies ont décidé de coopérer pour des opérations de fusions-acquisitions notamment pour le marché Suisse des assurances mais également dans d’autres zones géographiques. PRISCUS FINANCE und ASSITHÈQUE haben eine Partnerschaftsvereinbarung unterschrieben.   Mit Effekt vom 23. Januar 2024 werden die beiden Unternehmen in den Bereichen Fusionen und Akquisitionen im Schweizerischen Versicherungsmarkt aber auch in anderen geographischen Gebieten zusammenarbeiten.
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